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Rubber Roofs in Birkenhead, Liverpool and North West England

When it comes to flat roofs, few materials provide the same level of protection as high-quality rubber. Rubber roofs lend a certain visual style, but primarily keep the interior safe from high winds, heavy rain and changing temperatures. With over 25 years of shared experience, our team lays new roofs for homeowners and local businesses alike. ProLine Roofing Specialists can outline the many benefits of rubber, giving you a courteous fitting service that prevents leaks, reduces heat loss and considers your needs from the very beginning.

For the ultimate peace of mind, all rubber roofs come with 5-year guarantees. If a puncture occurs, perhaps due to a fallen branch, our experts can perform the necessary roof repairs at a cost-effective rate.

By contacting our team, you receive the following:

• A free quotation and expert advice
• The finest membranes for flat roofs
• Waterproof and heat-resistant EPDM
• Fast and efficient rubber roof repairs
• Pictures of your roof sent to your device
• An affordable option for any property
• An insured team for your peace of mind

Located in Wirral, ProLine Roofing Specialists installs rubber roofs for homeowners in Birkenhead, Liverpool and North West England. We take due care throughout the process, delivering flat roofs with attention to detail and current health and safety standards.

rubber roofs in liverpool

Rubber Roofs | A Long-Term, Waterproof Solution

EPDM rubber is one of the most reliable roofing systems on the market today. FDA approved and non-toxic, this material exhibits great resistance to harsh conditions at every time of year.

High Protection, Low Degradation
The materials used for rubber roofs can be cut to any length or size. They provide a watertight seal, offer thermal resistance and are simple enough to repair. EPDM in particular remains a great option for discerning homeowners in Birkenhead and Liverpool. The lack of seams grants the roof more protection against the rain, and it won’t crack over time like some alternative materials.

EPDM flat roofs can survive for many years, even decades, with very little care. Our experts finish all projects as quickly as possible and can respond to any emergency calls between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm.

A Strong Yet Affordable Choice
At ProLine Roofing Specialists, we aim to give customers in Birkenhead, Liverpool and the nearby regions the best roofing service around. As such, we recommend rubber roofs due to their weatherproof nature, low-maintenance and affordable cost. We cut the rubber to the exact shape of your structure and ensure a clean base – with no air pockets or blisters underneath.

Our team delivers a full fitting, maintenance and repair service for EPDM flat roofs across Birkenhead and the Liverpool area. In our care, you receive a durable roof that works hard to prevent water ingress and keeps the property in great shape. Please get in touch for further information or to receive a free quotation.

To find out more about rubber roofs, please call our team on 07508 884787. We install the finest roofing materials across Birkenhead, Liverpool and the surrounding areas.