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Roof Repairs in Birkenhead | Tips to Maintain Your Roof

At ProLine Roofing Specialists, we know that your home is only as strong as the roof itself. Poorly installed flat roofs or a damaged pitched roof can lead to problems, such as a leak or a change in temperature. Hazardous mould thrives in damp condition, so it’s important to maintain your roof with roof repairs and gutter cleaning, care of a professional team. With a wide range of roofing services available, our team is a perfect choice for reroofs and maintenance in the Birkenhead area.

From rubber roofs to leadwork and gutter cleaning, we provide the roofing services you need. Below, we look at some of the key ways you can maintain your roof and prevent the need for future roof repairs.

Clear Away Debris
Spring and autumn bring high winds that push leaves onto your roof and inside your gutters. These leaves can lead to pooling water on flat roofs, increasing moisture levels. To guarantee the security of your roofline and the structure itself, make sure you speak with your local roofers to remove this debris at least twice a year.

Skilled in gutter cleaning and with a range of roofing services available, we inspect gutters throughout Birkenhead. If we notice a problem, we can take pictures and videos for you to view. We also install new rubber roofs and perform fast roof repairs for your security.

Cut the Surrounding Trees
With storms becoming more common in the UK, you should take the steps needed to reduce damage to your roof. Even the toughest flat roofs and rubber roofs can suffer a puncture from falling tree limbs. By removing overgrown or dying branches, you reduce the odds of an impact and make your Birkenhead garden safe to enjoy. This may save on costly roof repairs.

If you need repairs or one of our other roofing services, a member of our team will be delighted to visit your home or local business.

Perform a Visual Inspection
How often do you look at your roof from ground level? You can learn a great deal about your Birkenhead home just by looking up. Holes in the fascias and soffits may be obvious, as will collapsed tiles that surround the property. Missing or damaged lead flashing can cause major leaks and can often be viewed from the ground.

Never try to fix the issue yourself. Instead, rely on ProLine Roofing Specialists. We install new flat roofs, rubber roofs, and take on all manner of roof repairs and gutter cleaning projects. Our team performs roofing services in Birkenhead and beyond to a high standard, no matter the task at hand.

Consider Your Insulation
Poor insulation can lead to ice dams in freezing conditions. These dams occur when snow and ice melt on your roof. This melted water then refreezes on the roofline, causing gutters to clog or break altogether. Make sure your loft features good insulation, as well as ventilation, to prevent this problem on colder days.

If you need prompt roof repairs, new rubber roofs, gutter cleaning or a full reroof in the Birkenhead area, please call the specialists today.

For new flat roofs, prompt roof repairs and all roofing services in the Birkenhead area, speak with the local experts on 07508 884787.